How LobbyLights Benefits The Hotel Industry

Through our vast 20 years of experience working with multiple Hoteliers, Management Companies, Hotel Corporations, and Industry Associations, we know that:

  • More than 80% of Business Managers and HR Professionals said their companies participate in or purchase at least one salary survey each year.
  • Offering a market “fair wage” is the best method for employee retention. Underpaying leads to high staff turnover and the costly expense of new hire training. Overpay for a position and the reality of staying within your operational budget becomes difficult and stressful.
  • The benefits of obtaining reliable & current compensation information to benchmark your organization’s wage structure, far outweigh the risk of going over budget and causing your company’s profitability to suffer.

Compensation and benefits data is gathered from hoteliers nationwide. LobbyLights allows you real-time access to the collected data via survey participation

The Only Compensation Survey You’ll Need

With the above in mind, our unique hotel compensation survey was developed to create a streamlined, on-demand software application where hoteliers can connect and share data in a simplified, secure and informative format. As a real-time web based portal to industry specific wages for hourly and salaried employees, LobbyLights is your single source solution! Our hospitality survey results provide a complete understanding of how you stack up against neighboring hotels regarding key personnel and operational elements of your business. Senior managers of corporately owned properties, hotel management companies and individually owned properties actively participate to gain access to personalized reporting for operational budget analysis, labor cost review, and boosting overall profitability margins.

Keep your staff happy and stay on budget with LobbyLights!

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