LobbyLights Compensation Survey FAQ’s

Is my data secure?

Yes. We provide 256-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology, which is the same level of encryption used by most online banking sites. Any and all data transmitted between the LobbyLights website and your computer is fully encrypted during the entire survey collection and results comparison sessions.

Do I have to complete the entire survey?

Yes. To provide the most relevant comparisons across all of the dimensions that affect employee retention, compensation costs and risk reduction, all questions must be answered as accurately as possible. The most beneficial compensation and benefits surveys require participants to complete the entire survey or the output of data cannot be considered valid.

How often can I view my results and how long is the viewing period?

Results are available online 24/7 from your LobbyLights account. Participation grows on a continual basis, so we encourage you to log in often to view the latest survey results. Create endless, current, personalized reports while your annual membership is active.

Who can see my property data?

Your property’s data is blind to every participant except you. Property specific indicators are removed to maintain anonymity and privacy. Review our privacy policy for more details.

How often do I complete the survey?

The survey is completed once per year. Participants will be prompted after six months to review and make any relevant changes in order to maintain the integrity of current and accurate data.

Is my data saved for next year?

Yes, your data is saved and formatted so you will have the past year’s information right in front of you when you complete the survey next year.

How much does it cost?

LobbyLights is available to participants as a 12 month subscription for $249.00. Lodging Associations may offer discounted or no cost member access. Contact your state or local hotel and lodging association for more information.

How do I participate?

You can participate now. Simply Take the Survey and you can begin seeing what your property offers in comparison to other hotels locally, regionally, statewide and nationally.

How do I know that I am comparing my information with comparable property types?

Once you have completed the LobbyLights Compensation & Benefits Survey, you can personalize your data reports by using our advanced search options. Choose by geography, property type, room count, and AAA Diamond or Forbes Star ratings. By selecting specifics you will be able to create a completely custom report that will best serve your property.

How many wage categories exist in the LobbyLights Compensation & Benefits Survey? And what if they do not apply to my property?

We currently have over 100 wage categories and subcategories, however, when participants are answering initial property questions our smart technology will remove wage categories that do not apply to their property.

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